The Echo Islander

Touring, exploring, and overnight adventuring

The adventurous sister of the Echo Classic, the Islander has the same hull design and features as the Classic; the Folding Rigger System, the same dimensions, foot stretcher, suction bailer and bungee area.  In addition to the two 4” watertight cockpit access ports, the Islander also has two 7.5” water tight Kajak Sport hatches that allow full access to both ends of the shell's ample storage areas.  A six foot fishing pole easily stows forward with room for tackle or camping gear.  Pretty much everything you can carry on your back can fit in or on the Islander.  This boat is designed for all rowing skill levels.  Finally, rowing has tremendous health benefits.  It is low impact, is terrific for your cardiovascular system and burns on average 600 calories per hours versus a typical kayak or paddle board that burns about 350 calories per hour.




USD $4,895


Echo Folding Rigger System (tm) - composite construction with Concept II locks

Wood Clog Foot stretcher

Fiberglass Seat

Over 5 cubic feet of storage fore and aft

Rigger restraining strap - orange buckle doubles as Coast Guard approved whistle!

Built in suction bailer (standard)

Foot Stretcher: Traditional wooden foot clog and heel cup 

Seat (fiberglass and foam composite)

Carrying handles built into bow and stern

Two 12' pieces of line for tie down or tying to dock