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The Echo Classic’s simple hull design allows it to be easily rowed on flat water while it’s 21’ waterline, 26” beam, and wave piercing bow make it stable and reassuring in rough water.

The Echo Classic features the unique Echo Folding Rigger system which makes it easy for one person to transport, carry, and rig.  At 54 pounds fully rigged, the Echo Classic weighs the same as a comparably sized sea kayak and can easily “car topped”, without the hassle of cumbersome manually inserted rowing structures.  

The Echo classic also has two 4” cockpit watertight access ports with cat bags for keys, wallets, phones and accessories.  There is also a built in suction bailer in the cockpit along with carrying handles on the bow and stern.  The Echo Classic has forward deck bungees for tying down gear, a traditional wooden clog foot stretcher that can accommodate all sizes, and a comfortable fiberglass & foam composite seat.  This boat is designed for all rowing skill levels from beginner to Olympic rowers.   Rowing an Echo has tremendous health benefits.  It is low impact, is terrific for your cardiovascular system and burns on average 600 calories per hours versus a typical kayak or paddle board that burns about 350 calories per hour.

USD $4,495


Wooden Clog Foot Stretcher

Fiberglass Seat

Concept 2 Oarlocks

Deck Bungees forward

Suction Bailer


Fiberglass sandwiched core for strength and weight reduction

New Center Mount Adjustable Foot Stretcher with 2 nuts on center

Internal vertical and horizontal foam stringers for longitudinal stiffness and flotation.

Horizontal bulkheads for maximum rigger box stiffness