dreher carbon fiber Oars

Dreher little big blade sculling Oars

Dreher 100% carbon sculling oars are designed for optimum performance. Dreher oars are lightweight, rigid, and built to last. Dreher is the only oar manufacturer in the World that autoclaves their shafts and bilaterally compression molds the blades so that the blades come out of the mold with a Class A finish, not requiring priming or painting to cover up manufacturing defects.  Since 2001 Dreher has offered oars made with high modulus carbon and twill fabric surface. The high modulus carbon in the shaft allows Dreher to create lighter oars at the same stiffness without sacrificing durability and longevity.  All materials of construction are of the highest quality and all are modular: If a Dreher shaft is broken through collision or accident it can be easily replaced. The blade can readily be removed as well as the handle. If blades are broken or as new blade shapes evolve, you might want to change your blades. With the Dreher modular system, this can be done without the expense of purchasing a new set of oars. The major advantage of the modular design is easy replacement of parts and protection against product obsolescence due to blade shape optimization.


USD $495